Open Intelligence: The Winning Approach to Document AI

With trusted Document AI services from Kodak Alaris, it’s easy for enterprises to benefit from the rapid pace of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become an essential technology that every enterprise must implement into their applications and processes to remain competitive. The use of the right AI within Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) enables a system to automatically understand each document type and accurately extract information at a near-perfect success rate.

Info Input Solutions Process Infographic Business leaders are faced with difficult choices as they look for the best fit that aligns their existing technologies with their goals for leveraging AI to maintain an edge. One of these decisions is whether to use cloud-based Document AI services from major providers like Microsoft, Amazon, or Google, or instead from one of the many smaller AI software specialists that continue to emerge.

No single AI technique or platform is the best at everything, and it’s a complex field that requires knowledge and expertise to determine the best path forward for your business. Fortunately, there’s no need to make a bet on which Document AI service will emerge as the most powerful and effective solution.

Our Open Intelligence™ approach to AI integration enables any enterprise to build business value without having to gamble on future “winners” or even contemplate the technology behind these large language models (LLMs). Kodak Info Input Solution is an end-to-end IDP platform that is technology agnostic, so you can decide at any point which AI engines are the best fit for your business needs.

We make it easy to leverage trusted AI automation services without having to build the integration into your enterprise applications. With this approach, you can quickly harness the most powerful, advanced, and trusted Document AI services to supercharge your document process automation and create competitive differentiation that lasts.

The Fast Track to IDP Success

IDP PyramidWith Kodak Alaris, you have a fast and results-driven path to IDP success. The Open Intelligence approach to AI is all about taking advantage of trusted, industry-leading services that offer a wide range of options, including machine learning, LLMs, and generative AI.

Open Intelligence offers faster time-to-value by leveraging pre-built specialized models for the most common document types—such as IDs, claim forms, utility bills, and invoices—and custom models that are specific to your unique document types. This way, your automation teams don’t need to worry about their level of machine learning expertise or about having the right quality and quantity of data to train AI models. Our approach simplifies the configuration, deployment, and use of the IDP system.

The embedded cloud AI services in Kodak Info Input Solution are easy to use and they scale exponentially faster across an enterprise, for greater AI adoption that drives positive business outcomes for your customers and employees.

Choosing Open Intelligence means that your enterprise will benefit from the rapid pace of innovation being set by industry giants—protecting your investment, future-proofing your adaptability, and creating new opportunities to drive business processes forward with greater speed and accuracy.


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