Kodak Alaris offers solutions for election ballot processing

Elections are looming, and with the recent events, many states are now allowing greater access to mail-in votes.

Solutions from Kodak Alaris can help to meet the demand by expanding ballot and envelop processing capabilities with the most reliable, accurate scanners and software on the market. 

The Need for Digitized Ballot Processing

With multiple elections at the federal, state, and local level happening every year, election ballot processing requires agencies to handle huge amounts of paper and envelopes in a short period. And with recent health concerns associated with in-person voting, many states are now allowing greater access to mail-in voting that can result in an even greater amount of paper ballots that need to be processed.

Which States Allow Absentee Voting?

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With the likely increase in the number of paper ballots and envelopes from mail-in voting, along with any paper generated at polling centers, agencies will need to prepare, process, and verify hundreds of thousands of documents and envelopes quickly which can represent some challenges:


The process is labor-intensive, and results can be slow to be announced and there are challenges from:

  • Logistics of getting ballots from polling stations to counting center
  • The document preparation time of mail-in ballots with envelopes
  • Manual document authenticity validation process


Due to counting errors a validation process can slow the process down even further because of:

  • Manual resolving of paper ballots that have been flagged for various reasons, including write-ins, marginal marks, or having no contests marked on the entire ballot, as well as image quality; that does not allow for checking to begin with


Agencies need to ensure fraudulent activities are caught and eliminated by implementing:
  • Restrictive System Access
  • Tight Data Integration
  • Security Protocols

The Kodak Alaris Advantage

To successfully and accurately count the ballots, agencies need a solution that includes accurate scanners, integrated software, and reliable service. Kodak Alaris offers:

Output that is Better Than the Original

During the counting of ballot papers, time to announce results is very critical. This requires technology that gets it right the first time and provides correct data for follow-on processes

  • Kodak Alaris has 20.5%* better OCR read rate than the competition, on average & up to 70%* better than lowest performers
  • Kodak Alaris can reduce exception handling cost by 91%

* Based on 3rd Party testing performed by BLI and commissioned by Kodak Alaris.  The test was designed by Kodak Alaris with all devices tested in similar operational conditions and where tested with similar operational methods

More Productive with Mixed Document Types

Ballots and envelopes need to be scanned together, so scanners need to be able to handle challenging types of scanning applications and mixed document batches without slowing down.

  • Kodak Alaris requires fewer batches to process the same amount of paper, resulting in less document prep time. 
  • This equals to less time (2.5 hours) vs. the competition (7 hours) of throughput time for the same volume scanned. 
file size

Smaller File Sizes for Greater Efficiencies

Just like with file cabinets, digital repositories can only fit so much, and agencies will need to spend more as their storage needs increase. They can reduce costs through smaller scanned file sizes.

  • Scanners from Kodak Alaris output file sizes at nearly ½ the size of competitive devices on average and are 71% faster upload to the network compared to lowest competitive performers
  • Cloud storage cost can be reduced by up to 50%

The Kodak Alaris Solution

We offer a balance of hardware software and services that meet requirements at every stage of the process.

  • Our award-winning scanners provide advanced features such as standard and customer integration capabilities, double-sided scanning, excellent accuracy and reliability, and superior versatility with handling of mixed document types. 
  • Kodak Alaris powerful software solutions provide mark, checkbox and barcode recognition, exception handling, integrations into counting solutions, security/fraud detection and potential In-line out sorting.
  • Proven services from Kodak Alaris offer onsite repair, project management, election processes support and training, DR Plans, election consultancy/insurance, and resource planning.

Poll Center Solutions

To process onsite ballots, an ideal capture solution can provide quick capture of small bursts of ballots reliably and accurately and offer database lookup and barcode reading.

Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanner

  • Up to 70 ppm color/ bw
  • Fully integrated network scanner, with no need for additional hardware or software to run
  • Integrator options
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Kodak S3100f Scanner

S3100f Scanner

  • Up to 100 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Integrated book-edge A4 flatbed for exception documents
  • USB and Ethernet-enabled
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Info Input Screen

Info Input Solution

  • Ideal for large, enterprise customers
  • Integrates with business applications
  • Mobile module option
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Repair and Maintenance Services

Explore options to ensure you get the most out of your scanner and software investment

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Counting Center Solutions

If the paper ballots and envelopes reach the Counting Center, an ideal solution will include robust scanners with superior paper handling, jogging and outsorting. The software solution needs excellent OCR/OMR, mark reading, intelligent barcode reading, and integrations into an election counting solution.

i4650 Scanner

  • Up to 130 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 100,000 pages per day
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i4850 Scanner

  • Up to 150 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Multi-feed Detection and Recovery
  • Up to 150,000 pages per day
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i5650 Scanner

  • Up to 180 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Intelligent Imprinting, patch counting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle
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i5850S Scanner

  • Up to 210 ppm color/ bw, A3 scanner
  • Floor standing with automatic sorting
  • Unlimited Duty Cycle
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technical assistance

Technical Assistance

Kodak Alaris can assist you with your technology by providing basic product installation, product upgrades, business relocation, and setup.

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Repair and Maintenance Services

Explore options to ensure you get the most out of your scanner and software investment

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