Genus Technologies Accelerates Paper-Intensive Business Processes

Genus Technologies Accelerates Paper-Intensive Business Processes

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, July 26, 2022 — Genus Technologies is announcing a new intelligent cloud scanning solution that supports enterprise cost reduction, efficiency, and security amongst today’s increasingly distributed workforce.

Genus Konnect™ creates a direct connection between Kodak INfuse AX Scanners and Kofax TotalAgility®, an intelligent automation platform, providing knowledge workers the ability to intelligently capture, digitize, and automate content at first touch. Thus, the expense and time needed for a dedicated organizational scanning operation are eliminated. Frontline knowledge workers can route data directly into Kofax TotalAgility work queues and receive a direct confirmation on the scanner of successful delivery.

Genus Konnect supports digital transformation and workplace collaboration by eliminating the need for centralized scanning operations and associated costs and time, such as courier services. Content captured through Genus Konnect becomes digital data almost immediately, allowing faster access to the information for transacting and decision making. The risks of losing documents, having long processing times, or an inability to track information is mitigated, which has cost and experience benefits for organizations, their works, and their customers. Genus Konnect is ideal in paper-intensive applications, require efficient transactions and accuracy, and have distributed scanning needs, such as mortgage and loan processing, claims processing, account onboarding, order process, and bills of lading and logistics. These range across industries such as accounting, insurance, healthcare, human resources, customer accounts, legal, and compliance.

“Genus Konnect provides the tight integration between two leading solutions in intelligent automation,” said David Fetters, COO, Genus Technologies. “Remote teams can now immediately deliver time-sensitive information to various pre-configured workflow networks, with just the touch of a scan button. The centralized management of a fleet of scanners will be a game-changer.”

“The INfuse Solution saves organizations a significant amount of time. Tasks that previously took hours or even days can now be completed in minutes and with a high degree of accuracy,” said Frederick Scherman, Channel Sales Director at Kodak Alaris. “It also makes edge capture affordable to many organizations for the first time because there’s no need for host PCs, software, or ongoing support.”

“Genus Konnect delivers new value to customers, giving them the flexibility to scan from any remote location directly into their work queues with the assurance that the images were successfully delivered,” said Chris Strammiello, Senior Vice President of Channel Sales at Kofax. “This bridge between Kodak INfuse AX Scanners and Kofax TotalAgility also increases productivity by making content immediately available in the correct workflows.”

Genus Konnect relies on the Kodak INfuse AX Scanner, a smart network device that accurately and securely transfers data, metadata, and finished image files directly into business processes such as Kofax TotalAgility. It features error-proof measures with immediate exception notifications to identify any missing forms, signatures, or other critical information.

Kodak INfuse AX Scanners are easy to set up—no technical support is needed. Once the scanner is unpacked and connected to the network, a user simply scans an intelligent setup sheet to complete an automatic installation in about 15 seconds. Employees can begin scanning to their Kofax TotalAgility queues immediately, with no training required. This simplified process significantly reduces device and software management costs.

Genus Konnect is available now.

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