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How We’re Helping DMV Affiliates Grow Their Business

Jon Stuck
Director of Scanning Operations
Edge Digital Group

Data onboarding is a challenge for businesses of all kinds. The story is often the same: too many manual and repeated steps, a lot of data accuracy issues, and too much frustrating re-work that costs businesses time and money. This is exactly the problem faced by several member businesses of the Maryland Vehicle Titling Association (MVTA), which supports the state’s DMV operations.

Fortunately, we partnered with Kodak Alaris to help these businesses automate their customer onboarding workflows.

First, a little background. We work with several small businesses across Maryland that process and submit various paperwork for the DMV. Before we stepped in with data capture solutions from Kodak Alaris, their workflows were slow and inefficient, and there were significant data quality issues due to the manual repetition involved.

The Kodak Alaris solution streamlined the entire operation, and now their records management process is fast, easy to use, and reliable.

We recommend a customized solution to completely transform their business operations. Across different offices, we recommended KODAK S2070 Scanners, the KODAK S3000 Max Series Scanners, and KODAK Capture Pro software. We were quickly on site to help them design and configure new automation workflows.

With these document scanners and Capture Pro in place, everyone could see the difference immediately. We were able to eliminate several manual steps, and the image quality is now on a completely different level of quality and consistency. Every image is perfect, which makes for reliably accurate data extraction.

These businesses can now scan something once and output it to as many places as necessary, getting the data directly into the state system quickly and accurately. It’s a far better experience for both employees and customers. Having worked with similar solution providers in the industry, we believe Kodak Alaris offers the best range of document capture and data automation solutions in the market.

We believe Kodak Alaris offers the best range of document capture and data automation solutions in the market.

There are hundreds of similar service organizations like this across the region, so there’s an immense growth opportunity. We’re looking forward to helping these companies build a stronger future and bring a better experience to thousands of customers.

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