Keypoint Intelligence Awards 2024 for Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris Awarded Outstanding Solution for Intelligent Document Processing by Keypoint Intelligence

Bill Galusha
Global Solutions Portfolio Leader
Kodak Alaris

We’re proud to announce that Kodak Alaris has been awarded two Buyers Lab (BLI) Awards: for KODAK Info Input Solution as an Outstanding Intelligent Document Processing Solution, and a 2024-2025 Pacesetter Award for Excellence as a Capture & IDP Partner.

Enterprises and government agencies continue to face challenges when it comes to processing unstructured content within business processes. For example, physical documents that must be converted into images, or PDFs attached in email. Regardless of the source or document type, Intelligent document processing (IDP) is transforming how organizations can leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and accurately understand and act on data contained in documents.

Documents have forever served as a means of collaboration, data exchange, and communication. Today, challenges involve the amount of data being generated digitally, and data complexity due to the variability and unstructured nature of the information contained in documents.

If the process is about onboarding a customer, then the need to collect critical data about the individual’s identity, residency, and employment is required. All that information is contained in documents, and advanced IDP solutions make it significantly easier to extract that data in a fully automated way, using machine learning.

Intelligent document processing delivers a transformative impact

Intelligent document processing capabilities have changed the way organizations attack automation. Often referred to as intelligent automation, IDP is a key pillar to business process automation and without it, automation projects are bound to fall short in addressing the full set of business requirements.

To achieve true business process automation, organizations simply cannot ignore the fact that documents, whether physical or digital, play a critical role in achieving greater operational efficiency and delivering better customer experiences.

Historically, legacy data capture solutions were often difficult to install, configure, and maintain. The complexity when dealing with a lot of document variations limited the use of capture software to either “dumbing it down” or applying sophisticated logic for data extraction which could only be set up by experts.

As a result of customer demand and innovation in recent years, technology for processing complex documents has transitioned to using a no code / low code design approach. A true breakthrough has taken over, from the old ways of templates and complex business logic to advanced technology like machine learning and pre-built document models that instantly add intelligence to document processes. These were once the domain of the smartest technical teams, but now it’s all readily available within modern no-code automation platforms.

Open Intelligence™ approach

With innovation moving at such a rapid pace, the best way to keep pace is to take an open approach that leverages leading Document AI services from the likes of Microsoft, Google, or AWS, as part of an end-to-end intelligent document processing application. KODAK Info Input Solution is built around our Open Intelligence™ design, in which pre-built models that understand documents are immediately deployed within a workflow process. As models are updated or new ones get released by leading AI platforms, Kodak Alaris customers immediately and automatically benefit. It is all done through a simple intuitive interface that puts the era of complexity behind us.

Automation success leads to the right business outcomes

At the end of the day, organizations measure the success of technology investment by the outcomes it delivers. An investment into IDP is no different, and it’s safe to say it’s an investment that pays multiples compared to many other technology investments that have a soft ROI and may not be considered a must-have.

IDP falls into the must-have category of automation tools and it’s applicable to all industries – finance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and more – because everyone needs to process the data that drives the business.

Here are examples of a few customers that have achieved exceptional business outcomes by leveraging IDP software from Kodak Alaris, enabling them to transition from legacy environments to a modern IDP platform that embraces Open Intelligence™ :

  • Tronitech, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company: Configured 265 customer jobs in a matter of a few weeks using KODAK Info Input Solution while also doubling throughput and reducing server maintenance requirements by 91%.
  • Major European Bank: Currently processing physical and digital documents with 30% greater efficiency, including IDs, customer contracts, loan forms, new account onboarding forms, and proof of residence documents.
  • Bexar County, Texas: Successfully processing a 40-year backlog of documents, including criminal court, probate court, bookkeeping, treasury records, bonds and warrants, motions, and traffic appeals—all with a high level of automation to minimize manual effort and risk of human error.

Results like these are why we are proud to be recognized by Buyer’s Lab for KODAK Info Input Solution and for excellence as a partner in this rapidly expanding IDP market.

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