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Simple and Secure Access to IDP with KODAK Info Input Solution

Glenn Mukendi
Technical Consultant

Many businesses today are looking to deploy advanced intelligent document processing (IDP) to improve their level of enterprise automation and productivity. When I engage with these organizations, conversations around security come early and often. It’s a fundamental part of technical requirements gathering. Business leaders need to know that KODAK Info Input Solution aligns with their standards for user synchronization and authentication.

Kodak Alaris is trusted around the world for our expertise and exceptional service to organizations of all types and sizes. One of the reasons we’ve been successful is because our technologies are flexible, scalable, and customizable. On top of its robust IDP and AI integration capabilities, KODAK Info Input Solution is known for its unparalleled flexibility in meeting the critical security requirements that businesses and government agencies demand.

Security vs simplicity: a choice you shouldn’t have to make

When I work with our customers and partners to design an optimal IDP solution for an enterprise, one of the first questions that IT leaders ask is how the software fits into their existing standards, including how users access the software. Info Input Solution is often used to process sensitive information, so it’s critically important that only authorized people can access certain data and documents according to their role.

If access is too complex, user adoption suffers. If it’s too easy, security fails. I’ve learned at Kodak Alaris that with well-designed software, IT professionals shouldn’t have to make this difficult choice. That’s the case with KODAK Info Input Solution, and it’s why I was proud to host a technical webinar focused on user authentication options.

Flexible authentication methods

Every enterprise operates within a unique authentication framework. We offer a broad spectrum of integration options and customizations to accommodate these variables. Typically, the conversation starts with whatever authentication policy the customer already has in place, along with other basic system information and requirements, such as:

  • The level of confidentiality of documents and data
  • The number of system users
  • On-premises or cloud-based

Then, we explore the most widely used options:

  1. SSO Integration
  2. Active Directory
  3. Windows Integration
  4. Info Input Solution’s internal authentication (simple standalone option)

With Azure AD, users and groups can be set up in the client’s application and then synchronized to Info Input, centralizing the security control and authentication settings.

Sometimes it makes sense to go live with one authentication method and then introduce additional connection options as the customer expands with more users or groups. While Info Input is configured and managed centrally, thousands of users can connect to the system to automate their data onboarding and processing workflows, leveraging pre-built machine learning models and industry-leading AI services to validate and deliver information with near-perfect accuracy. With this potentially vast array of users accessing the system, a smooth authentication experience is critical to success.

Whether transitioning to a new authentication method over time or expanding security measures in response to organizational growth, Kodak Alaris ensures that your IDP system is both agile and secure. The sensitivity of documents varies across different businesses, from retail orders and protected health information to confidential government contracts, so it’s critically important to provide multiple options for security.

Ensure your enterprise document processing is future-ready

Our commitment to our customers extends well beyond the design and implementation phases. The award-winning Support Services team at Kodak Alaris acts as a dedicated extension to our Professional Services team, helping to solve the specific business needs, challenges, and infrastructure requirements in every environment to ensure customer success.

Our exceptional Net Promoter Score over 90% demonstrates that Kodak Alaris is a trusted partner to businesses all over the world, with a proven track record of positioning businesses for growth and long-term success. With Info Input Solution, we don’t just offer a product; we deliver a comprehensive, uncompromising IDP solution built to withstand the test of time and tech evolution.

No matter what technical requirements your organization might have, we have the tools and the teams to successfully design and implement an end-to-end IDP solution that delivers a fast ROI and future-proofs your organization’s data processing environment. Contact us today to define your IDP requirements and explore the opportunities ahead.

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