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The Better Way to Onboard Your Business Information

Joseph Odore
Global Portfolio Marketing Manager

In today's digital-first business landscape, the need to acquire and process paper-based information remains a critical component of many workflows. Important documents of diverse types and sizes are still routine inputs into business systems, from invoices and insurance claims to customer documents for things like patient onboarding.

In short, paper isn’t going away, and it still plays a vital role in business. The challenges of digitally onboarding information trapped on paper are not new, but many businesses still have not realized the opportunity that exists to simplify and automate the process. With the right solutions in place, it’s easy to improve the employee and customer experience as well as overall business productivity.

Beyond Multi-Function Devices

While multi-function devices (MFDs) are great for printing, copying, and even some scanning jobs, they are typically not ideal for customer-facing areas of a business. Compact, dedicated office scanners such as the Kodak E1000 Series and Kodak S2000 Series are making a big difference for organizations that need to capture information in various locations across the enterprise to onboard information at the point of intake.

These compact powerhouses deliver superior image quality with a simple user experience right on the desktop. They effortlessly handle a variety of document types and simplify the data extraction process with remarkable accuracy and speed.

Enhancing Productivity Where It Matters

Instead of having employees leave their desk, walk up to a shared MFD, and navigate through device options to activate the scanner, they can instead have a dedicated office scanner right on their desks and continue interacting with customers. Load a document, press a button, done.

Office scanners from Kodak Alaris are like a co-worker you can count on. They are fast, reliable, and accurate, with industry-leading image quality and broad OCR language support that makes it easy for any organization to capture business information and get the data where it needs to be.

Transforming Workflows, One Scan at a Time

The shift toward compact, dedicated office scanners—especially in areas of business that require frequent onboarding of paper-based information—brings many tangible business benefits, including:

  • Media flexibility: With office scanners from Kodak Alaris, you have a lot more flexibility with the type and size of documents you can scan. Whether it’s a photo ID, passport, or paper form, you simply drop it into the feeder or flatbed accessory and the job is done.
  • Distributed capture: The “scan where you need it” approach improves the user experience and simplifies routine workflows. The ability to take immediate action when documents are received also helps minimize data loss and human error.
  • Enhanced collaboration and regulatory compliance: Immediate availability of information for sharing boosts productivity and decision-making across teams, and efficient tracking of device access and information management aligns with many regulatory compliance rules.

Kodak Alaris: Your Partner in Productivity

At Kodak Alaris, our goals are simple: to empower your workforce and make sense of your information. Our office scanners capture your business information with exceptional speed and accuracy, reducing manual effort and the need for downstream error correction.

Don't let paper-based challenges hinder your information capture processes. The transition to dedicated office scanners is not just a change in equipment; it's an upgrade in your organization’s operational efficiency.