INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution Launches in China

Kodak Alaris and Iron Mountain help global sports apparel company improve efficiency and reduce risk


A global sports apparel company headquartered in the United States needed to improve how it managed its accounts payable process. When invoices are received and expense forms completed and submitted, they must be actioned and reviewed. The approval process can involve multiple business divisions before payment is made to the supplier or employee. This labor-intensive process involves several touch points that can introduce errors. Any mistakes impact the time it takes to make each payment.

The right document capture technology makes it easy to quickly and accurately capture various document types to improve efficiency and reduce errors.


To reduce manual workloads and improve efficiency, this world-leading sports brand needed to change the way it captured and processed accounts payable and expense claims. The business needs to process a constant stream of employee applications and reimbursement documents, collect and organize delivery proofs and financial system files, and scan and upload these records in real time for review by various business divisions. They were spending too much time and money to complete these tasks and were determined to find the right solution to improve efficiencies across the board.


To address this company’s unique set of challenges, Kodak Alaris and Iron Mountain recommended the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution to help the global sports brand transform how it processes accounts payable and expense claims. This sports brand is the first organization in China to leverage this new distributed scanning ecosystem, which combines software and scanners from Kodak Alaris with a channel partner’s application to make it easy to onboard content directly into their business process.


The cloud-native INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution has enabled the company to automate document processing and achieve real-time delivery of critical business information. This has positively impacted turnaround time from submission to payment, lessened manual workloads, and significantly reduced costs and security risk.

Company Challenges and Solution Details

The company’s legacy workflows were cumbersome and expensive. After invoices and expense claims were scanned, the images were manually checked for completeness and accuracy. The process was heavily reliant on manual steps that caused frequent delays in payment approvals. The lack of automation led to human error and mislaid documents, which further delayed the process and introduced security risk within the finance department.

The company was looking for a modern solution that would automate the payments process, improve turnaround time, and reduce risk.

Kodak Alaris and Iron Mountain partnered to analyze the customer’s legacy process and understand its key pain points. Together, they recommended the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution, which makes it easy to capture data from a variety of document types right as the documents enter the organization. Information can now be onboarded directly into business processes, with real-time acknowledgement received at the point of scanning.

"We are very excited to be Kodak Alaris’ global alliance partner and work with them to introduce an efficient, reliable, and high-performing cloud solution to more customers. It’s a real win-win partnership. We learned more about the power of the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution by gradually increasing its use. All INfuse configurations can be done in the cloud and the corresponding function can be authorized and then processed at the server side." Felix Liu, Solutions Architect, Iron Mountain China

The key features of the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution include:

  • Simple set up: INfuse Management Software is easy for users to set up: simply scan a single sheet to configure the solution and start scanning, with no training required.

  • Easy to use: Infuse does not require deployment or maintenance of additional PCs. The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution offers network-connected capture that sits at the front edge of an organization's process and integrates directly into a line of business system.

  • Intelligent automation : INfuse seamlessly connects to the business process and makes it easy for users to onboard content directly into their workflow. When a scan is successfully transmitted and form fields are validated, the user receives real-time acknowledgement and immediate exception notifications.

  • Enterprise-level security: The INfuse Solution provides separate data and control paths to isolate confidential content for secure transmission.

  • Award-winning innovation: The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution was the winner the BLI Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award (2020).

Intelligent, smart, and connected
With decades of experience in intelligent information capture, Kodak Alaris was able to analyze the unique workflows and technical requirements of this global sports brand and incorporate requirements from Iron Mountain. The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution was deemed to be the best solution.

Kodak Alaris showcased the power of the INfuse AX Scanner and INfuse Management Software with Iron Mountain’s application to create an automated solution that transformed the company’s accounts payable and expense claims processes.

The combination of an advanced solution and professional service and support from both Kodak Alaris and its global alliance partner, Iron Mountain, provided the customer with a cloud-based, future-proof solution to address its unique requirements.

The INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution from Kodak Alaris delivers a smart, simple, and reliable document scanning experience to improve productivity and automate business-critical workflows.

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