Astragraphia and Kodak Alaris enable Japanese multinational company’s digital transformation

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The client is a Japanese multinational EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor. Astragraphia and Kodak Alaris worked with the organization to enable its +/- 50 staff based in the company’s office in Jakarta, Indonesia to digitally transform critical business workflows.


Information relating to the company’s finance, general administration and reporting, business analytics and regulatory/policy operations, was created, processed and stored in hard copy format.

The legacy paper-based processes were largely inefficient and time-consuming. The volume of paper-based documents continued to increase, making it increasingly difficult for staff to maintain productivity. Workflows became lengthier and more repetitive, and when completed, each new transaction had to be filed, which meant that more space would have to be dedicated to physical storage.

Business-critical information remained in hard copy format and with no digital workflows in place, if access to data was required after the documents had been initially dealt with and archived, staff had to physically retrieve files from storage which took time, even more so in the event that paperwork had been mis-filed. The document retrieval process took even longer because files were stored in two locations - the company’s own storage facility and offsite at a partner’s site.

For compliance purposes, key financial information has to be retained for a mandated period of time which meant that demand for physical storage (and the associated cost) continued to increase. The company was looking to improve how information was managed across the organization, to streamline processes and improve workflows to support business growth, and in particular to reduce the time it took to retrieve paper documents especially data required for audit purposes.


Astragraphia recommended the company transition from its legacy hard copy document management and storage process to an all-digital data storage model.

As a leading BPO provider. Astragraphia assumed full responsibility for the organization’s digital transformation. The company provided the technology and manpower required to back-scan all existing paper-based documents and create a centralized softcopy repository to digitally transform critical business workflows.

The process was carried out using Kodak 3000 Scanners and Kodak Capture Pro Software.  Once captured, the digital data was sorted and indexed, and legacy files were classified by type, category and date to facilitate future access.


Digital transformation will have far reaching effects across the business. The back-scanning service and implementation of new digital workflows addressed all of the client’s legacy document management challenges.

Back scanning legacy paper-based documents and enabling future documents to be digitized using the scanners from Kodak Alaris, has significantly improved the availability of information and enabled the organization to do more in less time. Documents can now be digitally monitored organization-wide, and individuals can access information in real-time. Astragraphia’s support in the secure disposal of hardcopy files after digitization also ensured the company remained compliant with regulatory standards.

In the future,  Incoming documents will be captured at the point they enter the organization, converted into actionable data and uploaded into the new content management platform making it accessible to personnel within the organization.

Astragraphia leveraged the fast speeds, reliability and superb image quality associated with scanners from Kodak Alaris to seamlessly capture, process and manage the back-scanning process. Kodak S3000 Series Scanners feature user-friendly touchscreens and can be configured to offer one-touch scanning, allowing operators to automatically start or continue a business process directly from the device. Sophisticated capture software ensures the highest quality image first time, every time, making capture faster, smarter, more secure, and more productive.

By migrating to an all-digital data storage model, the client has realised significant improvements in accessibility, efficiency and cost savings, alongside increased agility and enhanced security of information.

The new digital filing system provides seamless real-time access to information (via the client’s network). Staff can now easily search and retrieve files using specific keywords, further increasing the speed and efficiency of the document retrieval process.

The technology is easy to use and integrate into existing workflows, meaning it can be adopted - and start producing results – very quickly. Over and above the significant time savings achieved by removing the requirement to manually search for and retrieve information, the company is realising a substantial cost saving on monies previously spent on physical document storage.

About Astragraphia
As a Digital Workspace Partner in Indonesia, Astragraphia is dedicated to assisting clients in developing and executing digital transformation strategies for their businesses. Astragraphia can provide a comprehensive consultation on how to convert printed documents into digital data with the aid of assisting hardware and software to determine what needs to be prepared. starting with consultation services, evaluation, solution design, validation, submission of proposals and submissions, contracting, and delivery operations.

Astragraphia offers a variety of imaging services solutions that can be tailored to the client's business requirements. Partnering with Kodak Alaris, Astragraphia enables enterprise companies to digitally transform. Through integrated document imaging services, cutting-edge information management technology, softcopy document management features, and integration with the internet network also multifunctional devices. This is consistent with Kodak Alaris's commitment to helping Astragraphia empower businesses in Indonesia, so they are prepared to embrace digital transformation as a partner.

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