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The Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) of the City of Marikina is the agency in charge of recording vital life events such as births, marriages and deaths, and consequently safeguarding documents affecting individuals’ civil status.


The LCRO in Marikina is responsible for issuing certified copies of civil registry documents such as marriage licenses, birth, marriage, and death certificates, registering court decrees, adoptions, annulments etc. The office receives and processes significantly high volumes of paper documents. On an average day, staff manage around 350 applications, each of which contains at least two attachments.

Each individual application is a paper-heavy process that involves multiple manual time-intensive steps. Applications and the supporting paperwork need to be processed, documented, validated, and filed.

Individual civil status records have to be retained permanently, and the Local Civil Registry Office in Marikina has a large – 100 square meter – onsite storage facility where paper documents are filed and stored. The building is government owned, and it is estimated that the current cost of the space is around USD 1,300 – 1,500 per square meter.

From time to time, there is a requirement to retrieve hard copy documents for verification purposes to accommodate a citizen’s request, or to support the approval and issuance of new documents affecting an individual’s civil status. Having to physically locate and retrieve legacy files is time-consuming and can be error-prone in cases where the originals are missing or have been mis-filed. It typically takes 20-30 minutes to retrieve an individual document manually, which in cases where a request is made in person, results in a queue of people waiting to be served. When records cannot be found within the archived files, it typically takes up to two working days to fulfill the request.

The ability to reduce the time it takes to process applications on behalf of the citizens in the city of Marikina and nearby towns, as well as to retrieve legacy stored documents was a high priority for the Local Civil Registry Office.


The LCRO in Marikina approached Kodak Alaris partner Microimaging Sales and Services, Inc. (MSSI) to recommend a solution that would enable them to digitally transform their operations. Key objectives were to improve efficiency, maximize productivity and enable information to be accessed and retrieved in real-time; in order to provide an enhanced experience for citizens by fulfilling their requests faster and reducing the long wait time.

Microimaging provided a Kodak S2070 Scanner and a Kodak S2085F Scanner, as well as Kodak Capture Pro Software.


Prior to using the scanners from Kodak Alaris to digitize documents, staff had to manually record key information such as full name, birthdate, father’s name, mother’s name, place of birth and other pertinent information contained within birth, marriage and death certificates received from hospitals, churches, and the mortuary. The documents would then be placed in a folder and filed in the storage facility.

With the new system, documents are digitized and filed electronically when they enter the office, meaning employees can now retrieve information in real-time. This has improved the time to serve citizens enormously, eliminating long waits on-hold on the phone, or lines of people waiting for up to 30 minutes for their enquiry to be dealt with in-person. Now, it takes about one minute to retrieve the information, print it out and hand it over to the person requesting it.

In fact, the Local Civil Registry Office has realized a more than 75% time reduction in terms of its workflow processing to provide citizens with copies of their certified documents. This means that employees have been able to serve a greater number of clients in the same time.

Additionally, the LCRO is benefiting from lower maintenance costs. Microimaging provides an after-sales service for the scanners from Kodak Alaris, which helps to ensure maximum uptime, efficiency, and continuous workflow in the Local Civil Registry Office.

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