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Meeting the customer onboarding challenge

Slow or inaccurate onboarding processes can get customer relationships off to a rocky start, lowering customer satisfaction and impacting future business. Solutions from Kodak Alaris get customer information into business processes quickly and accurately, so your team can respond fast and impress customers right from the start.

How Kodak Alaris transforms customer onboarding

Customers today expect onboarding that is smooth, easy, and accessible wherever they are. Discover below how superior scanning and information capture software enables you to improve onboarding in a highly efficient and customer-friendly way at every point of customer contact and across all your customer-facing processes.

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Leading U.S. Insurance Company Depends on Kodak Alaris Scanners for Efficient Document Capture at Thousands of Locations

US Insurance Blind Case Study Alaris

Datamation Imaging and Kodak Alaris deliver more than 5,000 desktop scanners to one of the largest insurance companies in the United States

Paper Waste Reduction Tips for Your Office

Kodak Alaris Paper Waste

From finding paper alternatives to sending email memos and everything in between, here’s how to reduce paper waste in your office.

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Kodak Alaris - INfuse Solution

Deep Analysis Kodak Alaris INfuse

At Deep Analysis, we don’t typically research document capture products. However, we made an exception for Alaris as INfuse has the potential to positively impact the broader document management and business application market.

Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution

BLI Alaris INfuse Outstanding Achievement

The Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution has claimed a BLI 2020 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award by the analysts at Buyers Lab thanks to its…

Choosing the Best Document Scanner Software for Batch Scanning

Best Software Batch Scanning

Batch scanning software is easy to use and ideal for helping busy workplaces save time on large-scale scans without sacrificing quality.