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Ways to deliver remote collaboration

It can be challenging to be efficient and productive when you and your team are working remotely.  Document scanners and intelligent capture software allow remote employees to collaborate, scan documents and images and remain productive even when hundreds of miles apart. And with security rules and regulations especially tight in the modern business world, document scanning makes it easier than ever to stay compliant without interrupting efficiency.

Scanners from Kodak Alaris offer standard ISIS and TWAIN drivers and provide optimal accuracy, easy setup, and integration with many third-party software applications. Our capture software enables faster capture and access to information for all employees to collaborate with by offering web-based and mobile capture that is easy for remote workers to implement and use with real-time image display, indexing, and bar code detection.

See how Kodak Alaris is helping businesses connect their remote teams to provide critical business information to wherever it is needed.

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How to Handle Business Taxes Remotely

Tax Forms and a cup of coffee

Remote tax filing can be easy if you have a way to share important documents with your tax preparer.

Tips for Scanning Personal Documents and Organizing Your Digital Life

Kodak Alaris Tips for scanning important documents

Drowning in paper? Learn how to efficiently scan your personal documents and organize your digital life.

Why Kodak Alaris for Information Capture

Kodak Alaris

When organizations extend their digital transformation journey by moving from manual processes and adding capture software and process automation, they can deliver a variety of benefits that positively impact their performance and profitability. Kodak Alaris is the ideal partner as we offer the best technology for every phase of the capture journey.

Data Dives – Episode 11: Telehealth

Alaris Data Dives Podcast

We explore the rapidly growing Telehealth industry

Kodak Alaris’ INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution enables Xenith’s Scan@Home Solution

Kodak Alaris INfuse

To help businesses scan documents remotely, Xenith Intelligent Workplace Services partnered with Kodak Alaris to set up a smart Scan@Home Solution that integrates directly into line of business systems.

Hospitals Move to a Remote Coding Solution with iMedX and Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris and iMedX partner for solution

Kodak Alaris partnered with iMedX Australia & New Zealand to provide paper-based hospitals with a remote Coding Solution so that Clinical Coding can be conducted off-site. This solution enables hospitals to meet their business continuity planning requirements for hospital staff which the COVID-19 Pandemic forced upon them .