Records Management

Throughout the document lifecycle data needs to meet compliance requirements and corporate retention policies. All while avoiding human-error from manual processes.


Records Management has many challenges

4 strategies to fuel your digital transformation

The right tech investment can be more than a quick-win – it can give you the competitive edge for long term success. See the 4 strategic mistakes that will keep you from moving forward.

Maximize your ROI

Tips for handling tough paper capture challenges

Business still runs on paper. In fact, more than half of us are “emotionally attached” to paper. When you’re ready to convert to digital, follow these 4 tips for pain-free paper handling.

Better manage document capture

Unlock information, the lifeblood of your business

When you capitalize on the infinite supply of data stored in your organization’s documents, you unlock potential insights and inform better decision making. Find out how web-based document can help.

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A challenge every industry encounters

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Proof of liability – Blueprints – Schematics – Facilities requests - Contract terms – Change orders

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Loan origination – Account opening – New client onboarding – Insurance underwriting – Credit reports – Abstracts and deeds – Mortgage applications

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Disaster recovery – Governance, Risk and Compliance - Tax records - Land titles - FDA approvals - Pension records

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Healthcare Providers

Test results – Discharge and care instructions– Authorization forms – Insurance claims – Patient billing – Medical records

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Policy quotes – Proposal forms – Certificate of insurance – Coverage notes – Claims forms – Proof of identification

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Law Enforcement

Police reports – Crime or incident reports – Jail records – Arrest warrants – Incident logs – Arrest reports – Probation reports

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Real Estate

Loan applications – Signature authorization – Contract addendums – Easements – Mortgage deeds – Purchase offers – Listing contracts – Rental and tenant agreements

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Alaris solutions

Service Bureau

High volume document processing – Records management – Archiving services – Indexing and data capture workflows – Backfile conversion

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/ Architecture, Engineering and Construction Building a foundation for better efficiency, reliability and accuracy

Kodak Alaris and partner Image Access extract valuable data and increase collaboration with the right offerings

75% of AEC professionals say 1/3 of project over-runs are caused by issues with documents. Document Solutions Provider ARC needed to provide its customers with a range of products that eliminated errors, while keeping productivity at peak.

I’m extremely satisfied with them and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

/ Finance Global Bank Selects Managed Content Services

Regional operations gain efficiency, control and savings

The re-engineered solution was able to eliminate one daily shift and associated costs.

170 scanning workflow processes were reduced to fewer than 10, saving time, slashing manual document handling, and allowing many knowledge workers to be assigned to new tasks.

/ Government DRC moves from paper to digital records

Data Repro Com Ltd enables sophisticated implementation of scanning and capture technology

A Canadian provincial commission is moving to a consolidated space, adding an additional line of business (LOB), and implementing a new Regulatory Assurance System, all to be integrated with a new Content Management Solution. Data Repro Com Ltd is engaged to create a bridge solution.

“ The ability of the i4650 Scanners to operate at full rated speed, with many imaging and enhancement features on, allowed us to maintain productivity and quality.”

/ Government Preserving history after disaster strikes

Kodak Alaris helps rescue three tractor-trailers of flood-damaged records

When Tropical Storm Irene flooded Schoharie County in upstate New York, water caused massive destruction of roads, homes, and businesses. More than 1,700 boxes of Schoharie County court documents dating back to 1795 were among the casualties. Meticulous preservation and digital archiving was required to remediate the damage.

We are very happy with the quality of the digitized records and the results. In many instances, the scanned documents look much better in terms of contrast and legibility than the originals.

/ Healthcare Providers Digitizing medical files in record time

Kodak Alaris scanners treat the Royal Free Hospital’s medical records

When the Royal Free wanted to go digital, it faced a big challenge. As a highly respected teaching hospital with a focus on transplants, the institution required exemplary onsite support, document security and innovation to improve patient outcomes.

The project is 24 months ahead of schedule, and the hard work of staff and investment in new technology which has boosted bureau productivity by over 20%

/ Insurance Providing peace of mind and operational efficiency for insurance agencies

Kodak Alaris digitizes records to save space and speed service in Hawaii

When they were tight on storage space and time, Allstate Insurance Agency the Budar Group needed a way to digitize records for their computer-savvy staff and better meet the needs of their 5,000 commercial and consumer clients.

Word of mouth is the best endorsement, and I have nothing but good things to say about this solution and the benefits it’s brought to the agency.

/ Law Enforcement Capturing and sharing of criminal records just got faster

Kodak Alaris technology captures metadata that better structures police investigations

Every stage of the judicial and legal system requires detailed documentation. For a crimes records bureau in India, much of it was paper handled by 100,000 employees in 1,400 police stations. Help was needed to unlock the data in the massive amounts of documents coming in.

The desktop scanners with Kodak Capture Pro software provide an image capturing solution, which seamlessly capture and organize multiple meta-data fields to make searching and accessing of data almost instantaneous.

/ Real Estate Removing bottlenecks in the home ownership journey

New scanning process from Kodak Alaris drives employee and customer satisfaction to new highs

The housing finance industry faces a mountain of compliance and regulatory issues. A reputed servicer in India with 600 employees and over 10,000 customers needed a way to streamline paper processes and better serve branch locations.

Within 6 months of utilizing Kodak Alaris scanners, the company experienced a marked increase in operational performance and customer satisfaction levels.

/ Service Bureau Service bureau boosts productivity with scanners from Kodak Alaris

Dependable scanners that “run like a tank”

Records Imaging Solutions (RIS) opened for business in Little Rock, AR in 1969; a business started by the Haynie’s father. It began as a microfilm house, serving clients as an imaging service bureau. Clients included big hospitals to small clinics, state and local government agencies, trucking firms, educational institutions, and many others. 

 “We’d simply rather have a scanner from Kodak Alaris in the field when we sell a system. They put us in a better light and match the quality that we deliver for customer services and in integrating Digitech and OpenText Software into our solutions.” 

/ Service Bureau Performance that beats customer expectations

Robust performance secures the win with Kodak Ngenuity Scanners

When California service bureau eDocument Solutions was elevating new devices to better serve their customers, they put the Ngenuity Scanner through rigorous beta testing. See how it handled the tough test jobs sent its way.

It gave them the consistent performance they’re looking for. The Ngenuity Scanner showed me the future of scanning.”

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