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How to Create a Paperless Hospital

Alaris Best Healthcare Scanners

The digitalization of client check-in and medical records should not only make hospital workflow processes more efficient but also decrease manual errors and keep personal patient information more secure than ever.

How Alaris Innovates with Scanning Technology

Alaris Innovation

With our scanners and Perfect Page Technology, scanning and digitizing high-volume projects, capturing quality images at top speed, and protecting original documents has never been easier.

Data Dives – Episode 6: Isle of Hope

Alaris Data Dives Podcast

I look into a colleague’s family history and explore the data nightmare that was early 20th Century immigration

Our Best Desktop Scanners for Small Businesses

Alaris Desktop scanners for small business

Choose a desktop scanner for your small business that can process information accurately and quickly so that you can spend your time and energy on other aspects of growing the company.

Alaris’ Commitment to Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

Alaris Environmental Footprint

By designing our products to last, using high-quality components, and pursuing higher levels of EPEAT certification across our product line, Alaris strives to make an impact beyond going paperless.

Best Invoice Scanners to Improve Payment Processing

Alaris Best Invoice Scanner

Having a reliable document scanner to process your business’s payments and invoices is critical. Invoice scanners should focus on high-quality image capture, ease-of-use sharing options, and eliminating time-consuming errors and unnecessary work.