How do you optimize your current capture processes and future-proof your BPO or service bureau?

The answer seems simple: by helping your customers transform, removing the burden they still have with document-intensive processes and become their business process and information maturity partner. Yet, how do you get there in practice?


Outsourcing service providers are confronted with changing customer needs in a rapidly evolving business reality. They are under significant pressure to optimize their current business processes and to future proof their offerings.

Continuous Improvement for Scan Service Bureaus and BPOs

Document capture represents a large part of your core business as organizations outsource the digitization aspects of document-intensive processes and paper is anything but gone…

Understand Then Optimize Your Existing Capture Process

Optimizing your infrastructure and enhancing your capture process helps you increase productivity. However, there are more opportunities to move closer to the business processes of your customers and realize competitive advantages by adding additional services and automation technologies which exist today…

Automate Inefficient Processes

Information capture is changing. Your core business will evolve beyond the capture of documents towards the outsourcing of entire business processes or functions. It’s the best and more profitable road to grow your business, differentiate yourself in terms of customer value and build lasting customer relationships…

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