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Getting a Handle on Documents

Alaris s2070 desktop scanner

Take advantage of advanced paper handling technology to optimize document scanning

Smarter Capture Software for Better Results

Software Subscrition Alaris

When BPOs want to move from rather manual-based to a semi-automated capture processes or optimize their existing semi-automated environment, selecting the right capture software is of the utmost importance.

Choosing the Right Document Scanner for Healthcare

Alaris, scanners for healthcare

What are the right features to consider when choosing the best scanners for healthcare and medical records scanning?

Alaris Entrenched in New Digs to Attack Evolving Capture Market

Alaris Document Imaging Report

Document Imaging Report Editor Ralph Gammon visited Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business, for a tour of its brand-new facility, including its innovative new Experience Room.

Document Capture Solutions in a Subscription Economy

Software Subscrition Alaris

Alaris Capture Pro Software and Alaris Info Input Portfolio are now available as a one-year subscription to existing perpetual licensing options.

How to Choose the Best Scanner for Your Office

How to Choose a Scanner - Alaris

Learn to choose the best office scanner - evaluate scanning needs, select the right scanner type, and consider features like OCR to make the right choice.