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The compelling case for digital mailrooms

Kodak Alaris Go Paperless

Mailroom Automation | Article
Today, the mail has gone digital, bringing with it significant ROI improvements and customer satisfaction benefits. Digital transformation can help you automate for better results.

Kodak Alaris 2020 Scanner Line of the Year Award

Kodak Alaris Line of the Year 2020

Kodak Alaris has claimed the coveted BLI 2020 Scanner Line of the Year award from the analysts at Buyers Lab


Alaris s2060/s2080 scanner

私たちは、ドキュメントスキャンを成熟したテクノロジーとして考えがちですが、高度なテクノロジーの導入においては、まだ様々な課題が存在します。 これは、欧州および中南米全体に支店網を持つ国際的な銀行による最新のAIソフトウェアの導入においても顕著です。

Continuous Improvement for Scan Service Bureaus and BPOs

technology challenge

Document capture represents a large part of your core business as organizations outsource the digitization aspects of document-intensive processes and paper is anything but gone.