FADGI-Compliant Scanners from Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris can help you procure and deploy FADGI-compliant scanners ahead of the June 30, 2024 deadline. 


Document scanners from Kodak Alaris, widely regarded as the gold standard for image quality and accurate data extraction, now support the standards and requirements of the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI).

The Library of Congress and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) published these guidelines to ensure uniform quality for all records maintained by participating agencies and to set standards and benchmarks for manufacturers that wish to serve these agencies.

The objective is to digitize all existing paper records (and other analog media) and require all new incoming records to be digital, ensuring compliance with the federal mandates M-19-21  and the recently published M-23-07. Such an immense and varied effort requires the establishment of quality standards to be successful and sustainable.

Kodak Alaris provides GSA-approved scanners that make it easy to comply with this mandate and ensure that your digital submissions to government agencies meet FADGI 3-star requirements.

Having won the Buyer’s Lab Scanner Line of the Year award seven times, Kodak Alaris is proud to lead the document scanner industry in terms of image quality, highly accurate data extraction, and successful process automation. Now we are leading organizations forward with our FADGI solutions, making it easy to prepare systems and workflows for this important transition.

Any organization that interacts with the Library of Congress and National Archives administration will need all digital records submissions to meet FADGI 3-star requirements by the June 30, 2024 deadline. It’s likely that these digital standards will extend to all federal agencies over time.

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  Kodak Alaris: FADGI Solution Brief   (417kb)

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Meet FADGI Requirements and Be Ready for 2024

To simplify FADGI compliance for you, we offer the Kodak i5250 and Kodak i5850 FADGI-compliant scanner bundles. These scanners deliver the specific image quality output required to comply with FADGI requirements and the M-23-07 mandate. You can rest assured that any digital submissions to NARA, the Library of Congress, and other government agencies will be fully compliant with these new requirements.

i5250 Scanner

i5250 FADGI Scanner

150ppm | 750 Sheet ADF
  • Rugged and dependable scanning
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • FADGI 3-Star Compliant
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i5850 Scanner

i5850 FADGI Scanner

210ppm | 750 Sheet ADF
  • Floor standing and height adjustable
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Surepath™ intelligent document feed technology
  • FADGI 3-Star Compliant
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Kodak Alaris Makes FADGI Compliance Simple

Both product bundles are a complete package to take the complexity out of FADGI compliance, including on-site services and support, with professional installation and extended service to ensure compliance over the life of the product.

Solution details:

  • Mid-to-high volume productivity at up to 155 ppm in FADGI-required portrait mode

  • Each scanner is individually calibrated and characterized to ensure compliant images and interaction with Kodak AQIST (Archival Quality Image Scanning Tool) software

  • Easily switch between FADGI and non-FADGI modes for greater flexibility and value

  • Both bundles come with a Certificate of Compliance, so you know they are FADGI and TAA-compliant out of the box

  • Kodak AQIST software powers FADGI-compliant output—no other apps or drivers (TWAIN, ISIS, WIA) can create FADGI-compliant images

  • AQIST creates uncompressed color TIFF images at 300 dpi and places them in a batch output folder

  • Includes a printed Digital Imaging Conformance Evaluation (DICE) target, which is needed for ongoing conformance checks and calibration

  • In-person training and extensive documentation provided

  • Extra Preventive Maintenance service (4 Total) included to maintain compliance and quality

  • One year on-site same business day warranty

Not sure if you need FADGI-compliant scanners? Learn more about our i5250 and i5850 FADGI Scanners >>

Your Direct Path to FADGI Compliance

Our compliance specialist can answer your questions and get you started with our FADGI solutions.


Jeff McWilliams
Americas Government Sales Director

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